Ice Skating in Okinawa on our Anniversary

Seven years ago Scott and I got married in the most gorgeous spot on Oahu in front of our friends and family.


In some ways that day seems so long ago, especially because we were so young—Scott was only 21 and I had just turned 22. But I can remember it clearer than most things that have happened in my life. Our vows, our kiss, our dance.


So much has changed since then—careers, jobs, countries, cities, houses, babies, pets—life is happening and we are doing it together. The one thing that has surprised me the most since the day we got married is how much more I love my husband. The day we got married was so beautiful and wonderful and felt like the tippy-top peak of love. But reflecting seven years later—how amazing it is to grow up with my husband, experience life, raise our beautiful babies, and feel our love grow more than we could have imagined on our wedding day.

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Our three kids are adorable little blessings that we have received in our marriage, but living in Okinawa and far from family makes it hard to sneak away and have some time for us. Thank goodness for good friends and neighbors who stepped in to make sure our kids were taken care of so we could spend some time to celebrate our anniversary. We were actually pretty spoiled because we got to go on two anniversary dates this year!

Our first date was to the local ice skating rink here called Southern Hills Sports World, which is located in Naha, Okinawa.

ice skating 1

We ice skated once before together in NYC before we had our kids, so this was a special reminder of that time that we enjoyed. It was so much fun to skate, hand-in-hand, and talk about our goals and dreams for our future. We even made this awesome video to show Levi, Seth and Anna—which they LOVED!

ice skating anniversary

Ice Skating Anniversary Video

We got to go out again for a romantic dinner date at a restaurant called Sea Garden, located on the Sunabe Seawall of Okinawa, which overlooks the East China Sea.

sea garden

This was a splurge meal for us—cheese fondue, Okinawan pork, salmon, and risotto—we didn’t even have room for dessert! So delicious, and the atmosphere is amazing!

After dinner we burned off some of those calories by walking to Big Echo Karaoke in American Village. There we got our own private room, drinks, and an hour of singing! Scott serenaded me with some Michael Bublé. We even channeled Aladdin and Jasmine in our “A Whole New World” duet. It was awesome and embarrassing and a fun way to end the night! We did take a video during one of our duets—which again, our kids LOVED—but we’ll spare you your hearing!

sunset kiss

Seven years married to my best friend, partner in life, and blessing from God! My heart is so full it could burst! And that’s how I felt on my wedding day! I love knowing that I get to keep Scott for all of our years to come!

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