4WordFocusWhat is 4Word Focus all about?

When life gets crazy and we feel like we’re stuck in the rat race, my husband and I like sit down and talk about our goals.  These goals sometimes seem so “out there”, almost impossible to ever reach with all of the day-to-day things we always have going on with our little family.  However, we’ve noticed that most of our goals ( and our most important goals) seem to fall into one, or more, of these four categories: Faith, Family, Fitness, and Finance.

InJodie and Scott February 2014 we decided to start small and focus on changing our habits in just one of those areas—fitness.  We found that by changing our habits, one at a time, it was much easier to make progress towards our goals!  Some habits were much harder to form than others.  But we found that we were able to continue to build upon the new, healthier habits and essentially change our lifestyle—from a lifestyle that was chaotic and stressful, to one that was planned, focused, and moving forward toward reaching our goals.  But I’m getting ahead of myself!

All four of these areas are a “work in progress” for us, and I imagine they always will be! I’m here to share our journey.  Most of my blog posts will be focused on habits we’re working on building or ideas that we’ve implemented that have helped move us forward in faith, family, fitness, or finance!  It’s a slow process, but we’ll be moving forward and we’ll get there faster than “wishing” we were there!

My hope is that by sharing my ideas and progress it will motivate you to join me and my family as we grow together and reach our goals together!  Subscribe to my blog and message me to learn more about how to get started on this journey with me!