A “2 Person” Kayak and a Japanese “Foot Massage”

I got to take on the big task of planning out our four-day weekend.  We don’t get much time with Scott, so that is a main reason why planning out our weekend is so important.  We want our time together as a family to be fun, and not stressful or “wasted.”

Things I considered before I planned out the weekend:

  • Checked with Scott to see if there was anything he had to do or wanted to do.
  • Asked the kids what they wanted to do.
  • Discussed kid-swapping with our neighbor for a date night.
  • Checked the weather—basically to make sure there were no typhoons coming to Okinawa over the weekend.
  • Reviewed our budget with Scott to see where we were at and what we could afford for the weekend.

Originally, we had planned on going to Tokyo for the weekend and taking the kids to Toyko Disney.  After we talked about it last week, we realized that even a short weekend in Tokyo could easily blow $2,000 that wasn’t in our budget, so we opted to enjoy the beautiful tropical weather in Okinawa and save our money.  We are truly blessed to live in such a beautiful place!

Here’s how we spent the first half of our four-day weekend:

Friday—I asked Scott to make his amazing banana oatmeal muffins again for breakfast.  I was in charge of making the plans, and my plan was for him to make those.  Yay!

banana pecan oatmeal flax bran muffins

Later we took Levi and Seth to their new preschool to meet their teachers and see their classrooms. *sniff*  After that we took a picnic lunch to the zoo and fed the fish and geese.

zoo 1

Oh, and the boys got to ride a pony and feed an elephant.

Feeding an Elephant

Later, our neighbors watched our kids so we could go out on a date. We went to Jai Thai in American Village for dinner. Very delicious! The Massaman curry is ranked in the top 50 best foods by CNN.com—at least, that’s what their menu said. It was quite good and reminded me of the amazing Indian curries in NYC that we miss.

jai thai

A fun little after dinner activity we did was to soak our feet in a pool with “doctor fish” at a kiosk near the restaurant. It’s kind of disgusting to describe, but basically the fish like to eat dead skin.

dr fish 1

So the fish exfoliated our feet, and gave us a tickly massage, while we giggled and squirmed. It was actually a pretty fun date that had us laughing all the way to the car! And our feet felt softer!

dr fish 2

Saturday—We packed a picnic lunch again and headed to Torii Beach (on the military base Torii Station) to swim and kayak. For $4 we got a double kayak, and were all able to fit on it and paddle out for an hour.  A few weeks ago we had tried doing this, but we wasted the morning away as we went back and forth debating what to do that by the time we got to the beach the kids were too tired.  There was none of that this weekend!

family kayak

After Scott got in his second workout for the day, we enjoyed just playing in the sand and relaxing on the beach.  It was such a beautiful day!

jodie beach

Afterward, there is a great splash pad and water fountain at Torii beach where we can rinse off all of the sand and let the boys burn off the rest of their energy!  It was a great start to our four-day weekend in Okinawa!

torii splash pad

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